Central business leisure area will be landing Lake

July 29th, sponsored by the Xining Municipal Development Investment Fair Executive Committee, sea lake district administrative committee, Zhuang and Real Estate Company hosted the first summit of the West Lake RBD Development Forum opened in Qinghai grand hotel. The future of a set of administrative office, tourism, shopping and leisure as one of the complex central business leisure area (RBD) will be settled in the new lake district.

called RBD is to meet the needs of seasonal influx of urban tourists, the city’s focus on the layout of the hotel, entertainment and gift shops. Since then, a number of scholars at home and abroad have studied the concept of RBD, and now the interpretation of the central business district more in line with the meaning of RBD in china. It is reported that the conference not only invited to the Ministry of housing and urban rural construction, social Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of well-known experts and scholars are also invited to South Beauty, French fashion group and other well-known retailers and our city real estate developers, they are China’s new urbanization development prospects and the development of the real estate industry and economy with the development of RBD construction and regional development of the shopping center and successful way, new urbanization brings sea lake RBD mode development opportunities and other issues in the speech and discussion.

Deputy director of the

Lake District Administrative Committee Li Jing said, RBD chose to settle in the Lake District, Lake District has the geographical location advantages, richly endowed by nature, but also plays an important role in the expansion of our city development center, RBD city is the window of propaganda and the name card, which can effectively use resources development the New District, the rudiment of the Lake District Central Business District Leisure has begun to take shape, believe that the future development of the Lake District have more influence, to better promote the lack of our city development pattern of our city to complete.

It is reported that

, Zhuang and real estate wealth center (wealth · Star World) core zone project is located in the Lake District Leisure RBD Central Business District, covers an area of 20 acres, a total construction area of 110 thousand square meters, total investment of nearly 500 million yuan, is expected to put into use in June 2015. The project by the high-end business and 5A class office buildings, the commercial part named "fortune · stars of heaven and earth", in order to build Xining’s most distinctive design, build business, spared no expense to nearly 700 square meters of Qinghai first sky in the project, the sky is put into use, will give the people of Xining and Xining tourists bring colorful visual experience, to create a modern city commercial leisure atmosphere, the formation of Xining and a city name card and cultural tourism landscape. Next, after the completion of the velarium can also serve as Xining city held some important events and large-scale activities of the release site, become a very important window to show the beauty of Qinghai, the summer capital of Xining. Washington (reporter bit)


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