Xining housing prices rose sharply this year

Reporters from the National Bureau of statistics Xining investigation team was informed that this year, Xining real estate prices slowed significantly, the market sentiment strong, the housing market has entered a new period of adjustment. To date, Xining commercial housing prices show a steady and healthy development momentum. New housing price index edged up new commercial housing sales price index rose slightly, the chain was slightly reduced volatility trend. 1-8 months, Xining new commercial housing sales price rose 7.5%, compared with last year rose by 2 percentage points. From the chain perspective, 1-8 months of new commercial housing sales price index were 101, 100.2, 100.3, 100.2, 100, 100.1, 100, price stability. From the sales point of view, affected by the downturn in the national real estate market, the consumer outlook for the real estate market remains suspicious, wait and see mood strong. To date, net sales of 14401 units, compared with the same period last year increased by 527 units, up slightly. Second hand housing price index rose second-hand housing transaction price index rose slightly year on year, a slight decline in the chain. From January to August, the second-hand housing transaction price index rose 2.9%, representing a decrease of 0.1 percentage points. From the chain perspective, 1-8 month trading price index was 104.3, respectively, 104.1, 103.6, 103.2, 102.6, 102.1, 102.1, each month showed a slow downward trend. From the sales point of view, the secondary housing market affected by the impact of the new housing prices and the market, the volume will also be significantly reduced over the same period decreased. The main factors that influence the housing prices in Xining in the national property market cooling, the Xining real estate market sales will be affected, but subsequent investment remains strong, adequate supply of the property market, prices remain stable running trend, mainly affected by the following factors: Xining as the capital city of Qinghai Province, is the political, economic and cultural development center in recent years, with the city to speed up the process, "xiadou Xining in the country to further enhance visibility, to attract some domestic real estate enterprises in Xining investment and development projects, Wanda, green, sea and other well-known housing prices have settled, promote the steady development of Xining real estate industry; urbanization rate is higher and higher, state and county especially in our province higher altitude area masses are to gather in Xining, the real estate supply and demand; building materials, artificial wage cost Increase, the cost of housing costs continue to improve; some environmental protection, energy saving, such as the use of new technologies, new materials, so that the quality of housing continues to increase, increasing the cost of real estate investment.  

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