Ge Sanghua western student love twinning poor students


caring people and county leaders, County Education Bureau, the relevant person in charge of the school forum

recently, the Henan Xinyang three people love to visit condolences in Datong County "Ge Sanghua" western student project three students, in connection of love, friendship, for students from poor families to send care and encouragement.

three individuals were from the Xinyang municipal administrative service center, Xinyang Municipal Education Bureau, Xinyang municipal government office, the "Ge Sanghua" western student project contact helping a middle school Ma Mancun Xing Zixian, Datong, Chen Rong. Xing Zixian and Chen Rong this year to participate in college entrance examination, have achieved good results, Ma mangchun at senior high school.

Qinghai Ge Sanghua Education Assistance (referred to as "Ge Sanghua", also known as the "west of"), is registered in the Civil Affairs Department of Qinghai Province, by the Qinghai Provincial Department of education in charge of non-profit public welfare organizations. Ge Sanghua’s student services, mainly for the Qinghai province in the western region of the poor young students to help them complete their studies. The autumn of 2009, a chase in 100 high school students to apply for Ge Sanghua grants, audited publicity identified 67 students received grants, in the spring of 2010, the school had 103 students for 50 students through examination and approval, calculated according to 1500 yuan per person, four semester, a total of 175 thousand and 500 Yuan grants, full payment to all the hands of students. The implementation of the "Ge Sanghua" student aid program not only makes the students in the west to finish their studies smoothly, but also conveys a kind of spirit of social care and encouragement, which promotes the development of education in ethnic minority areas.

on the same day, the Xining Municipal Committee, Datong county Party Secretary Yan Shujiang accompanied visit students, and on behalf of the county government’s thanks to caring people, chase will further increase investment in education, promote the scientific development of education in Datong, hope more and more people in all walks of life care and support education in Datong, heartfelt thanks to all the selfless donations the students in poor areas who love. (Li Yushan)

caring people and county leaders, County Education Bureau, the relevant person in charge of the school forum

welcome caring people

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