Application of industrial and commercial registration of the province to achieve zero barrier zero c

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since 2014, the implementation of commercial system reform, our province’s industrial and commercial system to fully implement a series of major reforms, and vigorously promote decentralization, continue to reduce the access threshold, and constantly optimize the business environment, market access more convenient and efficient, for industrial and commercial business license to achieve a "zero barrier" and "zero cost".

according to the Secretary of the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce Wang Dingbang introduced in recent years, in the implementation of the provincial government issued the "on further accelerate the development of the market" opinions "on the reform of business registration system to promote the province’s main market development", vigorously implement the registered capital subscribed, the enterprise independent reporting system, enterprise name online the remote approval system, corporate domicile (place of business) registration system, simplify the independent choices of the enterprise registration and closed system, a simple registration audit in one "system," after the first photo card "and" according to a multi site, according to a multi site reform after the new deal, my main market continued to maintain a rapid growth momentum.

at the same time, the province’s comprehensive clean-up business registration pre-approval, on the matters outside the list are not included in the pre audit, reduce the market access threshold, to stimulate the vitality of the market, our province of new market players registered an increase of two consecutive years higher than the national average. At the end of April 2016, the province a total of 305 thousand types of market players, the new registered 120 thousand types of market players, accounting for the province’s total market main body 40%, a daily average of new market players 175, thousands of people have market players 52.

now, for industrial and commercial administrative procedures can generally be achieved on the same day, the same day, the average growth rate of the number of new enterprises in more than 20%. According to the report of the Department of industry and Commerce Haidong data show that at present, 91% of the applications can handle that day, 6% for 3 days for the remaining 3% of the application is relatively special and complex, but also in 5 working days can be given for all, greatly enhance the satisfaction of the masses.


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