New year to go grass roots the well being of the next Lo Ma Village

Spring Festival approaching, the reporter went to the Luo Ma Cun Tian Zhai Zhen Huangzhong County under. Square the villagers are jubilant hanging lanterns, tie color of the door, nearly 100 red lanterns in the three layer and three layer covered in the village square and outside the road leading to the village. Villagers get together to talk about the arrangement, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival Shehuo, all smiling, with joy.

a few days after the dinner, the village song, dancing lightly. The village people gathered in the village square, a beautiful dance rehearsal and fire, the villagers with the simple way of Spring Festival, pray for good weather in the new year, peace and prosperity.

"now, the party’s policy is good! The villagers’ income is getting higher and higher, and life is getting better and better. The annual Spring Festival in the village will be Shehuo performances, with dragon and lion dance, modern dance, Tibetan dance, fan dance and traditional yangko dance, the villagers are involved, will attract every village villagers came to watch, lively and extraordinary." Village Party Secretary Zhang Shunjun said happily.

reporter came to the square just moved into a new house this year, farmers Zhang Zhanshan home. I saw the cabinet was placed with the Chairman Mao and Zhang Zhanshan collected pieces of stone, wood carving and other crafts. Luxury style leather sofa, coffee table and so placed orderly, LCD TV, washing machines and other appliances readily available, spacious and bright new premises in the afternoon sun exposure, warm as spring.

"as soon as the new year, home to clean and tidy things too much, but also, twist, sub micro fried cake baked, almost overwhelmed." Zhang Zhanshan told reporters.

when it comes to how well do special purchases for the Spring Festival, Zhang Zhanshan his proud smile said: "this year I killed a hundred kilograms of pork, buy some fish, vegetables and fruits and the children eat candy and drink together." At the beginning of 2013, Zhang Zhanshan’s home on the renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas policy opportunity, from the village on the hillside moved into a house in the village hospital center, and built a new house, and the house decoration spent 100 thousand yuan, 13 thousand yuan of government subsidies. Zhang Zhanshan’s son in the decoration of the house, accidentally fell off the frame, resulting in skull fracture, cerebral hemorrhage. Thanks to the national health policy is good, you can see a doctor, after paying, or my son will not be saved. Later, relatives and friends under the care of the operating expenses paid 90 thousand yuan, of which the new rural cooperative medical reimbursement of nearly $45 thousand." Zhang Zhanshan said.

in recent years, the party and state policies on rural spring bathing, the villagers under the Luo Ma Cun have lived on a new house, many villagers through skills training, labor export is becoming rich, over the more prosperous days……  


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