Environmental regulation along the key sections of our province

to ensure the road region environment, national and provincial trunk highways and major tourist sections of the neat, standard and safety, the Provincial Department of transportation from recently until mid April, focusing on road traffic along the national highway and tourist attractions and the surrounding environment comprehensive rectification work, enhance the good image of the opening of our province.

it is reported that this year’s environmental remediation will continue to follow the road traffic environmental remediation eight no as the focal point. Namely: no advertising, no illegal and disorderly illegal buildings, illegal road crossing facilities, no illegal set non road signs and subgrade shoulder slope without the fence and other obstacles, set up their stalls Jeeves, without a grain drying phenomenon, highway land within the scope of free deposits. In addition to earnestly rectification provincial government plan rectification section, will Xining to caojiabao airport, Xining, Xining, Xining link to Kumbum Monastery to Xining, Republic of Xining, to mutual aid to Guide, Qinghai Lake and other sections of Ring Road within the focus of environmental remediation.

in this regard, the Provincial Department of transportation with the subordinate units of the responsibility decomposition task, the Provincial Executive Council responsible for highway fence in the green belt of trimming, replanting trees, guardrail cleaning, toll station image management, health, service area and parking bay area public toilets, gas station and environmental sanitation work. And at the end of May this year before the completion of the main line, Datong, Xinzhuang mutual toll station renovation project, do the Xiakou train station interchange, interchange and Xining surrounding ramp construction, must be completed this year; responsible for the toll roads under the jurisdiction of the region of highway toll station of environmental management and image management, and complete the Dabanshan tunnel reconstruction project in the end of May this year.


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