Tens of thousands of urban and rural students meet the Chinese dream

  activities, the children of the tiger Taiwan primary school and the county’s ethnic boarding primary school children have forged a deep friendship.

  October 13th is the sixty-fourth anniversary of China Young Pioneers team, according to the provincial Party committee, the municipal Party committee about the spirit of elementary school in the city of Xining province and county primary school I have pastoral school twinning, carry out rich and colorful red scarf meet China dream: the urban and rural children’s hand in hand to build our collective activity. It is expected that there will be a number of one hundred thousand primary school students to participate in hand in hand activities, together with the Chinese dream, flying Chinese dream.

October 10th, Lijiashan Huangnan Jianzha middle school primary school Part 12 Tibetan students, Huangzhong county school, more than and 10 rural children to Victory Road West District primary school; 18 pupils in Huangnan Autonomous Prefecture Tongren County boarding primary school came to the tiger Taiwan primary school…… Red scarf meet China dream: the urban and rural children hand in hand "Founding Day activities for the urban and rural children together. Reporters learned that many agricultural and pastoral areas of children is the first time in Xining, first entered the school in Xining, by participating in the school twinning celebrates the 64 anniversary of the new team players into the team ceremony, children are more determined to serve the motherland’s faith. It is reported that West District Kunlun Road, Jia Xiaozhuang and other 10 schools have also carried out relevant activities. The reporter learned that, in October 11th, the City School District East District will also be carried out simultaneously to build day activities, which will be part of the school and primary school in rural areas outside the state county students hand in hand, together make Chinese dream. Tongren County Ethnic boarding primary school brigade counselor Caidanzhuoma told reporters: came to Xining, our pastoral children harvest a lot."


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