Datong County focus on the development of natural forest protection project follow up industry

Datong County actively explore the natural forest protection project follow-up industry development, adjustment of the development of the forestry industry in a comprehensive grasp of ecological construction at the same time, based on reality, highlighting the characteristics of the development of forestry industry to broaden the channels, vigorously carry out the forest planting in Tibetan medicine industry, and presents good development trend. This year, Datong County in support of the forestry departments of the provinces, the development of the follow-up industry of natural forest protection project, actively implement in Tibetan medicine planting, investment of 1 million 200 thousand, completed 2000 acres of Tibetan medicine breeding demonstration base, screened Huang Ling, rhubarb, podophyllotoxin, Gentiana, angelica, Radix Aucklandiae, radix of ten kinds of scale in Tibetan medicine planting has been completed in Tibetan medicine 9 varieties of seedlings planted 1950 acres. For the county to provide adequate quality of medicinal herbs and seedlings at the same time, to promote the development of Tibetan medicine industry in our county, the subsequent development of natural forest protection industry and promote the masses rely on forestry to get rid of poverty to explore a new path. (Ying Jinxiang)



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