Go to the city to find a job on Saturday

Tomorrow, jointly organized by the Xining evening news, human resources and Social Security Bureau, City Talent Exchange Center Fourth job seekers face large-scale recruitment activities will be held in the hall on the first floor of the administrative service center of the Yellow River municipal government road, there will be 65 companies to provide 1634 jobs for job seekers, for college graduates jobs the employer, generally pay 1800 yuan to 3000 yuan.

fourth field job fairs will be held in July 27th. This field for the majority of job seekers recruitment, not only for the previous graduates, college graduates education, accounting, HR specialist, clerical, computer, food inspection and other positions, as well as for skilled workers in the elevator maintenance technician positions.

the large recruitment will be opened tomorrow at 9 o’clock, candidates can take the 2 Road, road, road, road, road, road, road, road, road, 32, line 3 in the Kirin Bay, get off at the end of the road, 35, the road, the road can be used for the first time, you can take the road, the road will be able to take advantage of the 102, the road, the road, the 22.


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