Xining district four hit the city to build a number of critical assault


adhere to clean streets clean. Chen Yu photo

Jianguo Road, Xining bus station road repair scene.

Jianguo Road bus station before the road repair face. Wang Qiong photo

volunteers to create a city side of the road to stop illegal drivers. Chen Yu photo

Young Pioneers in-depth community cleaning.

sanitation workers scrub roadside trash. Chen Yu photo

volunteers for the public to introduce the city volunteers service content. Chen Yu photo

cattle long lane of this life". Wang Ning photo

cow long lane past". Wang Ning photo

Chinese Lane elegant wall map. Photo by Wang Ning

East: the city is the three major ills remediation

previously east district is facing three major ills are to be solved, the wall "psoriasis" flood, the Xining bus station in front of pavement distress, Jeeves blocked Road shops along the street. After several days of remediation, the specific situation? Please follow the reporter’s lens to look at.

lens: Xining bus station: not long ago, there is also a crowded road, station square, the road surface is damaged seriously, there is no traffic lights to make traffic here. Today, the reporter saw the workers are busy repairing the road construction, part of the road has been completed.

lens two: provincial hospital door: before traffic chaos, no zebra crossing, no indicator. Now has been zoned zebra crossing, the establishment of a temporary indicator, planning a parking lot, the demolition of the shops along the street chaos.

lens three: in the past some of the key sections of the wall above a small advertising. Today, these psoriasis is gone, the ad has been posted free to eradicate.

District: rectification unannounced visits do not stay overnight

‘s street damaged manhole cover was replaced, workers are repairing of damaged pavement; the Property Center staff is focused on cleaning up the market Jeeves, cluttered debris phenomenon…… Urban areas for city leaders unannounced visits to the city found the work of timely rectification, do not solve the rectification problem overnight.

it is understood that the site for the construction site is not standardized, the jurisdiction of the 60 buildings (demolition) site in accordance with the creation of national civilized city evaluation criteria for a comprehensive inspection, and to do the rectification responsibility;

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