Start from the details of austerity

Government agencies take the lead in energy conservation, starting from the details. Seemingly insignificant, but the whole year down, but also to save a lot of money into the field of livelihood. In the construction of conservation oriented government green authorities, the actual use of the figures obtained in Xining, hand over high scores.

carefully read such records, water, electricity, oil is in the little things to be saved every little bit: the strict supervision of a unified procurement directory such units, the elimination of the old low efficiency and high energy consuming products, priority to purchase energy-saving and environmental protection products; purchase energy-saving vehicles; water-saving toilets, etc., energy saving water is above 20% and 30% respectively after transformation; install timing device for public boiling water heater each week can save more than and 50 kwh, energy consumption in source control.

and immediately found the faucet drip Water Leakage repair. Optimize the internal organs of the water pipe network, a substantial increase in water efficiency, eliminate waste. Install solenoid valve to quantify the amount of gas to achieve the purpose of solar terms. Guide the staff to consciously develop the habit of turning off lights, appliances, energy conservation, coordination of funds 140 thousand yuan, renovation and transformation of the compound courtyard lamps, a total of energy-saving lamps installed 40, saving electricity bills. Energy saving into the canteen". In the dining room dining room table by means of warm reminder to save food, energy conservation, advocacy CD can save 20 pounds of vegetables a day, rice, 10 pounds, kitchen waste reduced by more than 50 pounds.

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