The new year’s Eve dinner reception supervision and inspection

In February 13th, under the leadership of the provincial food and Drug Administration food safety director, the provincial food and beverage service law enforcement officers on the part of the city of Xining hosted a large and medium sized food and beverage outlets of the new year’s eve of the supervision and inspection. According to the investigation, the food and beverage safety of catering units in the overall situation is good, but there are also some problems. Among them, the restaurant disinfection facilities City area is not complete, not thorough disinfection of tableware, instructed the law enforcement personnel tracking supervision of the downtown restaurants rectification in place, the rectification is not in place to cancel the reservation for the dinner on New Year’s Eve.The

check around easily lead to food service food safety accidents of key products and key links, focus on host family reunion dinner, the dinner on New Year’s Eve group dinner, catering units, especially large catering units, the habits of the masses of center city dinner Hotel on-site supervision and inspection. The key to check the catering unit tableware disinfection and management of food additives, food waste management, employee health examination and approval, food procurement certificate and invoice, registration ledger, food sample and the morning check system to implement the key links; increase the group meal behavior record strength, the catering service unit, one-time host family reunion dinner the dinner on New Year’s Eve more than 10 tables, wedding, registration, and early intervention, focusing on prevention and control. The inspection also strengthened the ability to host the new year’s dinner catering units for food and beverage requirements, the requirements for the new year’s Eve book registration, from the source to prevent the occurrence of overload behavior.


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