Urban and rural transit buses will become beautiful scenery

In the future, when you go to the county, the new and beautiful and modern architectural style and local characteristics of public transport and bus bay harbor waiting station kiosks, will become a beautiful landscape to attract your attention. For the first time in the province’s transportation sector to develop the urban and rural public transport and urban and rural bus bay waiting station Pavilion trial standards, at present, the county in accordance with the standard design, has begun to build a new bus port and waiting station kiosks. In October 31st, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation, the province established urban and rural bus bays and harbor style bus waiting station kiosks, to better promote the work of the province’s urban and rural passenger transport integration, improve safety service level of urban and rural road passenger transport, passenger safety, security and convenient travel. To develop a unified construction standards, in order to allow the construction of bus around the harbour and waiting station kiosks follow, there are rules to follow, there are funds to invest in the security target. According to the standard of urban and rural bus stops harbour according to length and pavement structure is divided into three major categories of six kinds, each kind of plane form pavement design according to the asphalt concrete and cement concrete; urban and rural bus waiting station kiosks also according to different length are divided into five types, the function of the design of the waiting station kiosks clear, smooth and efficient traffic flow, and strengthen the humanized design, the maximum degree of reasonable layout and convenient passenger station, car, car and a series of activities of the track. The overall design of the facade is simple and generous, do not rhyme, rich colors, changeable shape, given the waiting station Ting Renwen breath and the breath of the times. According to the Provincial Department of transportation departments of personnel, the standard of urban and rural public transportation harbor and waiting station kiosks standard for the first time in our province to develop, but there are many schemes, so according to the actual situation around the road level, terrain conditions, national characteristics, traffic and heavy traffic selection, to adopt a unified style waiting station the kiosk and parking bays and urban bus lines on the same principle. To do a good job in the latter part of the management and maintenance. According to the beginning of the construction goals, the Provincial Department of transportation plans to build 40 new lines in the urban and rural passenger transport lines, the application of the harbor bus stop kiosks and greeting station project.  

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