The second quarter of Xining tourist satisfaction rose 11 ranking

the afternoon of July 28th, President Dai Bin invited to Xining city China Tourism Research Institute, working for the Xining tourism and tourist satisfaction and to give advice and suggestions, four districts and three counties and 32 relevant departments issued the three quarter of this year, Xining city tourist satisfaction task, to ensure that visitors to Xining have to come on an impulse.

in the second quarter of this year, Xining city tourist satisfaction in a sample of 60 city ranked twenty-fifth, compared to the first quarter of 36 rose 11 ranking, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Jianjun and mayor Wang Yubo were given instructions required to consolidate the results, to reach new heights. At the meeting, Dai Bin also devoted to the significance of tourism for a city, and to teach the departments to improve the way people work satisfaction.

in recent years, Xining adhere to improve the quality of tourism services, and strive to make the tourism industry into a strategic pillar industries in Xining and the people more satisfied with the modern service industry. Last year, Xining has issued a special program, through the improvement of tourism service facilities, optimize the tourism environment, improve the quality of tourism services, improve the tourism complaints mechanism and strengthen the supervision and standardization of tourism tourism transportation, tourism and business activities in accordance with the law against illegal and a number of measures to improve the quality of tourism services and tourist satisfaction.

in the three quarter, Xining city departments will strengthen the construction of city emergency rescue system, strengthen the environmental impact on the behavior of city public toilets, zangluancha phenomenon of city road stall regulation such as bus and taxi drivers; rectification rectification, carpool service attitude, not playing table, refusing other problems; solve the price high, social catering filthy, does not provide invoices and other issues; strengthen the hotels, travel agencies, scenic area service standardization; intensify the development and management of Xining tourism commodities, continue to focus on improving Xining city tourist satisfaction, enhance the tourism image of Xining summer.


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