Qinghai Province branch of the Agricultural Development Bank 34 million yuan loans to support the in

in order to solve the bottleneck problem of government investment and social investment lack of capital, the Qinghai branch of Agricultural Development Bank of China to expand the investment business, and effectively play the role of policy finance in the counter cyclical regulation.

over the years, the bank adhere to the "positive, prudent and compliance" principle, a clear focus on project evaluation, strictly regulate the funds, do the "four 100%", that is to arrange national project, carry out due diligence on the 100% one by one; to review the commitment of the project, 100% after the loan review will consider collective decision-making the review by the project; investment funds 100% projects to reach the corporate account; follow the "earmarking, closed operation" principle, transfer of funds managed by 100% path specification.

in compliance with the premise of a strong impetus to the progress of the payment of funds. As of the end of 5, the bank achieved a total of 72 investment projects, the amount of 3 billion 487 million yuan. Which supports 56 state-owned projects, the amount of $2 billion 979 million; private enterprise project 16, the amount of $508 million. The main support for the local railway construction, underground pipeline corridors, environmental protection engineering, tourism infrastructure construction, major water conservancy, rivers and water resources engineering, key agricultural products wholesale market, city logistics, sports facilities and other fields.


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