Provincial Highway overrun rate control within 3%

reporter in March 18th from the province’s rule over the work meeting was informed that, since 2010, I work conference rule over the province has achieved results, the province’s highway overrun rate is controlled within 3%, road traffic accidents continued to decline.

according to statistics, from 2011 to 2013, the province 1 million 731 thousand and 400 yuan of economic losses caused by freight vehicle overloading, road traffic accidents directly caused by the 212, 186 people died, 327 injured; serious damage to road infrastructure, invested 1 billion 73 million yuan of funds for maintenance and repair. In three years, in the joint efforts of industry and commerce, public security, traffic departments, 22 key enterprises in our province are stationed on-site supervision and inspection, strict standards, vehicle loading source handling, cargo operations "three points", from the source to curb overloading behavior. The next three departments will also continue to strengthen ties, overcome difficulties, strengthen the control of vehicle overloading.

– traffic department: strengthen the freight source enterprise management, strictly prohibited illegal overloading of vehicles out of the station, exit, mine; new mangnai 5 overload station; expansion Golmud west exit 3 overload station south exit 4; revocation of Golmud rule over the station; to crack down on violent resistance to law and malicious traffic jams behavior; strengthen rural road inspections, prevent oversized vehicles into the countryside.

– Traffic Police Department: to implement the normalization of governance overloading, enhance the effectiveness of the implementation of line overload; law enforcement and law enforcement law enforcement equipment, construction of highway traffic safety prevention and control system; new or renovation of video monitoring system, access vehicle search control system, to provide scientific and technological support for investigation of illegal overloading.

– the business sector to apply for scrap car recycling companies and strict market qualification; for operating without a license, beyond the scope of business shall be resolutely closed down and banned the sale of scrap cars; five assembly and assembled car scrap car recycling business in violation of the provisions, cancel qualification; without dismantling recycling scrap cars, the use of scrap cars five assembly "severely punished.


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