Xining East District carefully designed 30 people’s livelihood details considerate

inadvertently, the mouth of the alley wall culture concentrated taste; lanterns, colorful neon lights on the periphery of the cell body to clean toilets is also good to hear or see; no longer is hard to find…… Many of the details of the change, so many people feel the eastern part of the bursts of warmth. Recently, the reporter learned from the East District, after more than ten months of careful design and build, at the beginning of this year, the district Party committee, the district government to the masses of the commitment of the top 5 categories of private projects have been completed for the real thing.

compared with previous years of practical projects for the people, this year the east district do these things closer to the actual needs of the masses, but also reflects the idea of careful design of the livelihood of the people. Today, a large garden road reconstruction for residents is no longer a stormy day trip for a headache, Zhu, Xiao Zhai, Lin Jiaya, Lu Jia Zhuang village sewage collection and treatment system engineering and street landscape, green space and supporting the garbage transfer station is completed, greatly improving the living environment of the residents of shantytowns. At the same time, East District has also invested 1 million yuan to build 5 Dongguan Village (community) culture station, investment 300 thousand yuan, built 8 small village fitness path, 10 popular science gallery. Investment of 16 million 320 thousand yuan, for a number of community service centers, office buildings, 8 new elderly day care center, free of charge for the 500 sanitation workers and more than 340 special physical examination etc.. Education, health care and other aspects of social undertakings are also very small, but the warmth of the area of the masses. At the dawn of the new year, the city began to start next year, the city’s real estate projects for the next year, with a little bit of change and help, so that the city can withstand the livelihood of the people of the details of the test. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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