Xining education to cast 6 moral education platform

reporter learned from the Municipal Education Bureau, this year, the city will create a national civilized city activities in Xining as the starting point, efforts to build the school’s 6 major moral education platform, and constantly improve the social satisfaction of education in Xining.

to create a theme activity platform, improve students’ Ideological and moral level: continue to implement the "beauty beauty school I have Summergate nurturance education action plan", carry out "the people are my teachers" series of theme educational activities, strengthen the teacher’s occupation ideal and occupation moral education. To create a platform to create a platform for moral education, improve the effectiveness of moral education in schools: to speed up the construction of the school moral education curriculum system, to encourage schools to horizontal joint, cross regional cooperation, expand the way of moral education, moral education brand. Create a social practice platform, enrich the students’ practical experience: to encourage schools to organize all kinds of social activities, through the development and use of curriculum, initiative, enthusiasm and efforts to improve the effectiveness of students’ participation in social practice. To build a platform for the construction of student associations, to cultivate students’ personality and expertise: to optimize the incentive mechanism of community activities, expand the impact of the community in the students, and evaluate a number of municipal quality student associations. Helping to build a platform for action, to increase the intensity of care for special groups: multi measures, comprehensive, multi-channel special groups of students to solve problems, help them get out of trouble, tide over difficulties. To build a trinity moral education network platform, to enhance the education of the students together: the organization of the city level demonstration parents school to create activities, strengthen communication and contact with parents, to enhance the education of students.


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