Xining City North District agricultural product inspection pass rate of 100%

to ensure that the public "food basket" safety, quality and safety supervision department recently, Chengbei District of Xining city of agricultural products of the area farmers markets, supermarkets, planting and breeding base, greenhouse fruit and vegetable growers, milk powder sales point to carry out special supervision and inspection, found no illegal behavior.

recently, the north area of agricultural products quality and safety supervision departments in the area of Hui Hakka supermarkets, farmers market, building bridges and other places of the 4 Lane market vegetables, fruit consumption is more intensive, speed measuring point setting of residual pesticides in vegetables, fruits and vegetables are on sale fast testing of pesticide residues, and sampling wave, Baoziwan town. Wang Jiazhai, Tao Tao, South North Village to be listed pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits, 64 kinds of pesticide residues rapid test pass rate was 100%. In addition, in the north of the city of Qinghai, north of the city, Tai LAN day Kelly 5 beef cattle breeding base, Nian Li Pu Zhen Sun Jia Zhai Cun, fresh milk acquisition point of purchase and sale, transportation detection and record inspection, were not found in the purchase and use of illegal veterinary drugs and additives abuse behavior. (author: Peng Nawu Hai Ying)

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