The province’s most beautiful family story and parent child reading activities start

5 month 6 days, organized by the provincial women’s Federation in 2016 the province’s "the most beautiful family story and I love my family · with the book" parent-child reading activities launched in Xining. Han Yugui, deputy director of the Provincial Work Committee attended.

activities, the provincial women’s Federation recommended the State Press and publication administration to the province the majority of families and other authorities and experts selected including morality, humanity history, literature and art, science popularization is conducive to enhancing the quality of hundreds of excellent books for children, guide the majority of parents and children to read more books, read good books, good reading, and the issue of "I love my family · to the province the majority of family; parent-child reading activities with scholarly" proposal, called on everyone to take action, as the forerunner of scholarly family, build harmonious civilization, to create the spirit of Qinghai highland contribute.

it is reported that the provincial women’s Federation will also combine family education guidance and services into community activities, invite family education experts and excellent reading families into the community, schools, lectures, reading appreciation, recommendation and other forms, loved the parent-child reading activities, by means of books to read as a link, to develop reading habits, create a scholarly atmosphere, let the children and parents share reading beautiful and happy, good tradition of camp sophisticated drift, to build a harmonious family.


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