This year the initial employment rate target 90%

Reporters learned from the employment of college graduates in our province in 2016 the work of the Forum: Based on the location of the current domestic and international economic situation and the provincial universities and the professional, combined with recent years various colleges and universities, the initial employment rate, our province determined: in 2016 the province’s initial employment rate of college graduates overall goal of not less than 90%.

: the Qinghai University Qinghai Normal University is not less than 88%, not less than 89%, Qinghai National University of Kunlun College of Qinghai University is not less than 90%, not less than 85%, not less than 89% of Qingdao Health College, Qinghai Institute of Police Officers is not less than 85%, Qinghai animal husbandry and veterinary Career Technical College Qinghai Communications Technical College and Qinghai Architectural Vocational and Technical College is not less than 90%, not less than 95%. At the forum, the relevant person in charge of the University have to talk about the idea of this year’s employment goals, to the measures, determined to urge the 2016 college students initial employment rate target successfully completed. It is understood that in our province this year, a modest decline in initial employment rate target (from 2015 92.17% to 2016 completed not less than 90%) the reason is fully aware of the 2016 employment situation based on the 2016 national college graduates is expected to have 7 million 650 thousand, 160 thousand more than in 2015. 2016 college graduates in the province is expected to have 15321 people, more than and 400 more than in 2015, Qinghai Province Employment for graduates with superior institutions outside the province, the province is expected in the college graduates employment to about 13 thousand people. Meeting the requirements of the provincial colleges and universities to advance to the employment situation of education and employment policy advocacy work, and actively explore the employment channels, collect the demand information, focus on the difficult work of helping graduates, college students into the army compulsory military service and all kinds of training and examination work, increase the intensity of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and established a number of new business platform, efforts to do a good job in the employment this year the province’s College graduates.

it is reported that in 2015 our province college students employment data show that: in 2015, college graduates in the province of 14910 people, the number of graduates increased by 926 compared with 2014; initial employment rate was 92.17%, 1.52 percentage points higher than in 2014, the actual employment of 13743 people, more than 1067 people in 2014.


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