Two sessions have changed

central eight provisions introduced, the wind has changed a lot. In the thirteenth session of the CPPCC Xining Municipal Committee of the third meeting of the group, the reporter saw a different two sessions.

dare to say "no" in the proposal

"in the past, the members discussed the form of a single, sometimes formalized, we have to innovate in the form and content, to dare to say" no "in the proposal." At the beginning of the group discussion, a member of the Committee put forward his own suggestion on the door. Aiming at the heavy response to light management, proposal "back home", "buck passing", proposals for lack of staff, do mention the two sides do not understand the process of handling the situation, the members have expressed their views.

pay more attention to know the truth tell the truth

In the

discussion, the committee members stressed the need to know the truth and to tell the truth. I suggest that in the future of the process of supervision, the invitation of the four districts and counties to participate in the work of the staff to learn from each other, exchange, timely communication with the views of the three." Members of the exchange should not be limited to the meeting of the exchange, but should proceed from reality, focus on the process of communication."

hopes to have more departments involved in

"NPC and CPPCC to review the court and the procuratorate and other departments work report, as the public security organs of law enforcement departments but no one in the future, hope to have NPC and CPPCC on behalf of the public security organs, the Department of transportation to listen to members of the suggestions." This is the consensus reached by the members in the discussion. How to solve the "Chinese style cross the road"? Why the smooth project is not smooth? Members believe that only more departments involved in order to better solve the problem. (author: Peng Na)



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