Qinghai held a forum to help counterparts in Beijing

December 9th, Beijing, Qinghai counterpart helping forum held in beijing. The Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Beijing party secretary Guo Jinlong presided over the meeting and made an important speech, Secretary of the Qinghai Provincial Committee, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Luo Huining speech, Beijing city leaders Wang Anshun, Li Shixiang, Zhao Fengtong and Qinghai provincial leaders Hao Peng, Wang Xiaoqing attended. Guo Jinlong said that the development of counterpart support work is a major strategic decision made by the central authorities, but also a great advantage of the socialist system. Beijing city will focus on the overall situation of national development, earnestly implement various tasks targeted aid to Qinghai, to do a good job in the reconstruction of Yushu finishing work, also to do reconstruction work and organic convergence of targeted aid work, the implementation of the cooperation agreement, make more contribution for the development of Qinghai Province, xian. He also hopes that Beijing youth play their respective advantages, and the capital of science and technology, intelligence, talent resources and energy resources in Qinghai, agriculture and animal husbandry and other advantages combine to carry out cooperation in various fields of culture, education, economy and trade, energy, tourism, to achieve mutual benefit and common development. Luo Huining on behalf of the Qinghai provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the people of all ethnic groups to the Beijing Municipal Committee, the municipal government and the people of the capital to express my heartfelt thanks. He said that since the central green counterpart aid decision-making, Beijing actively targeted aid to bear the responsibility of the state of Yushu, take the lead in implementing the Youth assistance funds, the establishment of mechanisms, planning, selection of cadres, the implementation of the project, the green counterpart aid work effectively. Especially after the strong earthquake in Yushu, Beijing has played a special and important role in the earthquake relief and reconstruction, so that the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai deeply felt the warmth of the socialist family. He said that with the end of the reconstruction of Yushu after the disaster, it is recommended that Beijing is more concerned about the state of Yushu’s intelligence, technology and personnel assistance to help improve the level of public services and social management. He hoped that the two countries to further expand the economic and trade exchanges between Beijing and Tianjin, and promote pragmatic cooperation has made new achievements. Wang Anshun, Hao Peng on strengthening the counterpart aid and cooperation between the two sides made recommendations.  

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