Qinghai microfinance association was formally established in Xining

December 26th, the Qinghai microfinance company association was formally established in Xining. Xining city voted small loan Co., Ltd. was elected the first president of the association of small loan companies in Qinghai.

as of now, a total of 62 small loan companies in Qinghai Province, the total registered capital of 3 billion 867 million yuan, the cumulative Small and micro businesses, individual industrial and commercial households and agriculture loans totaled 12 billion 624 million yuan, the loan balance of 3 billion 626 million yuan, an increase of 48.12%. The small loan company has become a new force in an integral part of the local financial service system in Qinghai Province, played an important role in attracting private capital, cultivating and perfecting the financial market return specification, to ease the financing difficulties etc..

is currently in Qinghai Province, the microfinance industry has been considerable development, but the micro credit business is still in the initial stage, there are still fewer sources of funds, extensive management, talent shortage, business innovation ability is weak and other issues. Therefore, the provincial finance office and other competent authorities under the guidance of the establishment of Qinghai Province Association of small loan companies, play to the role of Bridge Association in the "political, silver, Tam, the performance of enterprises" self-discipline, rights, coordination, service, work together to promote small loan company in Qinghai Province norms and healthy development.

according to reports, the association of small loan companies will pay close attention to the association of internal organization and system construction, to promote the comprehensive business of microfinance company software system and information monitoring system access work process, realize information sharing. Develop and implement training plan, manage the professional training of senior managers and employees of small loan companies, and continuously improve their professional quality and ability. Strengthen communication and coordination with banks, insurance, guarantees and other institutions to broaden the financing channels for small loan companies.  


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