Joy and peace over the past year they stick to the warm New Year Eve

When the new year’s Eve, raise the red lantern, when the reunion meal of the eve of the Spring Festival evening show bursts of fragrance, when with delight, when the fireworks decorated the night sky in full bloom, there is a group of people, they give up the opportunity to reunite with their families, the deep thoughts of his family, they stick to light up our warm New Year’s eve.


It is reported that the center

, mainly through the all-weather 24 hours hotline accepted fault repair, the province’s electricity customer electricity consulting business during the Spring Festival, remote workstations were arranged 235 emergency teams, to ensure the reliability of electricity. "We have never been on the calendar of the Spring Festival, the annual New Year’s Eve 20 to the next day at dawn is the peak of electricity consumption in the year thirty, and the first day of the year and the special arrangements for the usual staff of the power of the emergency response of the 3 times of the 2." Customer service center director Su Hongbang said.

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