Caring for Xining education story

egg Xu 20 years as one day to donate; sell fruit in the old woman for 10 years education donation 200 thousand yuan; Cold Lake Road community to donate and let the children have a meaningful summer vacation; Jia Xiaozhuang primary school teachers and students love to spare no effort to build school brand…… Even Japan, Xining care and support education "good citizen", "community" and "enterprise" and "people are satisfied with the school of social selection activities, will attract the attention of people to care about the development of education in Xining individual and collective body.

‘s concern and support social education contest organizing committee was informed that from the city, just 5 days, the city’s four districts and three counties in the minds of local "good citizen", "community" and "excellent enterprise", "the satisfaction of the masses of the public schools" as many as more than 3 people (Times), activities for special mailbox "overload" from time to time "make room for the new space", the County Bureau of Education Office received recommended materials work very busy. Xining education, the impact of the heart of all the people! The hearts of the people, there are hundreds of thousands of people concerned about the support of Xining education, good citizens, good community, good business, the masses satisfied with the school"! Every material is recommended, I of general public and collective care stories support education in Xining, see this story snowed in, quickly piled hill, staff of the Organizing Committee for several days with repeating the same words: "there are so many people in the long-term care support, tomorrow Xining education must be more beautiful."

dear people friends, in order to Xining education a better tomorrow, would you please mind the concern and support of Xining education "good citizen", "community" and "enterprise" and "people are satisfied with the school" tell us, you can through the following 2 ways: 1 generation sub [email protected] recommendation; 2 will recommend collective and individual names and data submitted to the County Board of Education Office, from the District Bureau of education submitted to the municipal contest organizing committee. Activity consulting Tel: 0971-4393017. (author: Zhou Kang Shu Dong)



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