Benefit people’s livelihood unchanged Xining four key livelihood spending increased by 20%

This year, the annual income situation is extremely grim situation, Xining city still adhere to the people’s livelihood investment target unchanged, continued unabated, protect and improve people’s livelihood, the education, social security, medical and health, forestry and water and other key livelihood spending an average increase of about 20%.

in fiscal revenue growth slowed, the balance of payments under the condition of large, city government to seriously implement the proactive fiscal policy, strengthen the implementation of the budget expenditure management, actively revitalize the stock, with a good increment, the people’s livelihood and other key expenditure demand. Up to now, the city’s public budget spending more than 80% of the budget, including education, social security, health care, agriculture, forestry, water and other key livelihood expenditures grew by 25%, respectively, 22.2%, 18.4%. At the same time, efforts to strengthen the regulation of public funds management, strict control of general expenditure, the city’s three funds fell 10.5%.

in the face of the severe fiscal revenue situation, the city will strictly implement fiscal revenue tasks, expected revenue growth through scientific calculation, focus on the rational allocation of resources, strengthen the administration to take the arrears settlement way, to further tap the potential of the tax, to ensure that the accounts receivable are collected, at the same time, accelerate the project implementation and the disbursement of funds, and strive to improve the project opening rate, effective pull the income growth, increase the stock funds overall invigorated efforts to ensure that the size of the stock of capital income fell sharply this year, to ensure that the task is completed, to ensure the financial resources wisely.  

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