Electronic Commerce Association

March 27th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Commerce, after a year of efforts, the province’s E-Commerce Association was formally established on the same day.

e-commerce is a new type of economic activity, and it is a major reform of the traditional trade circulation. At present, e-commerce has become an important strategic measure to improve the competitiveness of major countries and regions in the world. However, e-commerce in our province, the foundation is weak, coupled with the enterprise and the social public participation is not high, so it is still at the initial stage, the comparatively backward situation, more urgent need to establish a non governmental organization, set up exchanges and communication platform for the province’s e-commerce enterprises, build e-commerce application and development the environment and atmosphere; through the association of the establishment of talent pool, to jointly plan and seek ways to promote self-discipline, standardize the development of the industry; with the government administrative departments of our province to promote the healthy and orderly development of electronic commerce. In May last year, according to the needs of the development of electronic commerce, the establishment of E-Commerce Association proposed in our province, the Provincial Department of 8 menstrual approved the establishment of the Qinghai Electronic Commerce Association, now after launch and enterprise applications, has absorbed and registered member 73, a membership of 22 people, mainly in Xining, Haidong Haixi, Hainan and other regions.

The formal establishment of

Province Association of e-commerce, e-commerce and the real economy will gradually depth of integration, has become an important way to optimize the allocation of resources, production, circulation and consumption and people’s life will bring profound influence.


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