Traffic police to open up a green channel for the candidates to ensure road safety and smooth

from June 7th to 9, the site near the residence, prohibited vehicles prohibited vehicles whistle…… Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment in order to ensure the safety and smooth traffic during the college entrance examination, take someone to divert, line control, strengthen road patrol and other measures. At the same time, three county traffic police team are also on standby, ready to deal with emergencies.

this year, the traffic police detachment changed the previous method of part of the road near the test sites to implement traffic control, according to the examination of the setting and the need to implement temporary traffic control sections, each point the police command, passing vehicles bypass. Temporary traffic control can reduce traffic pressure on other roads. At the same time, each test center will arrange a candidate rescue service car, once the candidates and parents for help, the candidates rescue service vehicles and patrol motorcycles will quickly help.


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