West District 38 clothing Contest Registration fiery

era women’s style, dress up a happy life, show the harmonious movement. Xining City West District Women’s Federation will be held in March 4th, the clothing show contest registration fiery, two days to attract hundreds of people to sign up. It is reported that this competition is still in the registration, welcome to call the hotline 0971-6145717 consulting.

in February 23rd, 24, although it is the weekend, is located in the west of the District Women’s Federation office registration hotline is ringing, according to the staff, in order to allow the majority of women have a different holiday, they gave up, answering "38" dress exhibition Contest Registration, registration from the situation, this activity not only attracted the attention of women, many county people have also inquire. East District, a registered person to participate in the consultation of the public told reporters, West District Women’s Federation for the majority of women and sisters to provide a platform to show their best self.

innovative work model, and do a good job of women’s work, is the pursuit of the goal of West District Women’s federation. Last year, the West District Women’s Federation deepening Township community visits to the masses, propaganda policy, carry out twinning activities, the organization to carry out science winter training, training of rural women cadres more than 300 people, training more than 900 people, has successfully held the "women’s demonstration village level in the Qing 38 director will observe, for 38 good mother-in-law good mother, good wife, good daughter were commended, promote the healthy development of society, at the same time recommend Xing Hai Lu Taiwan yellow tiger and Cailang Kyrgyzstan, Xu Fengru was awarded the ten Xining" the most beautiful mother "honorary title. In order to strengthen the education of minors, "61" during the women’s Federation and Xingzhi Primary School West District held a good boy and Lei Feng to become the left-behind children happy line theme practice activities, and in primary school opened the Lei Feng book corner series of caring for minors activities. In the aspect of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of women and children, West District Women’s Federation to play letters, legal aid station, domestic violence complaints station, women’s rights volunteer service team, 1233 rights hotline and other positions, for women and children, especially female migrant workers, migrant left-behind children and other key groups to provide psychological counseling, legal aid and social assistance services and other rights. (author: Ma Lihua)


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