The province’s fire brigade to protect the safety of thousands of households

Spring Festival is a reunion day, however, there is such a special group, they gave up the opportunity to reunite with their families, 24 hours stick to their posts, combat readiness, dedication, for the peace of the people of the watch, guard wrote a symphony with lamps and candles of a myriad families, with fiery youth spectrum. This is the fire fighters. They’re always ready.

New Year’s Eve, the fire brigade to take fire and police joint "extraordinary measures, fully started the new year’s Eve" zero night action ", fire supervision and law enforcement personnel and their families to give up, and in the patient will be in addition to, fenpianbaogan, grid fixed fire, thorough investigation, thorough rectification inspection found the fire hazard and illegal actions, to create a good environment for fire safety during the festival.

as of January 28th 1 in the morning, the province has dispatched more than 500 fire supervision and law enforcement personnel, composed of more than and 151 inspection groups, inspection unit 894 times, found that the elimination of fire hazards 1246, from the source to eliminate a large number of fire hazards, to ensure fire safety during the spring festival.

New Year’s Eve that day, the province’s fire brigade into the two combat readiness status, more than 3000 fire officers and soldiers to wear a good combat suit, ready helmets and belts, armed ready to stand by. At the same time in the province’s 42 large-scale activities on-site dispatched 475 firefighters, 101 fire trucks were stagnation duty, fireworks is still around the province concentrated discharge point and densely populated areas, set up 42 mobile duty, sent 40 fire engines, 182 fire officers and soldiers on patrol duty, the implementation of dynamic control, zero distance nursing, new year’s Eve, the province’s total of 34 fires, causing no casualties, the fire safety situation is stable.

patrols the fire officers and soldiers told reporters in Xining City, although we can not and family reunion to celebrate the festive season, but we pay for thousands of households is safe, I think it’s worth.


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