Through the elimination of iodine deficiency in Yunnan Province the assessment of acceptance

to implement the "national key local disease prevention and control plan (2004-2010)" and "Qinghai province deficiency in the programme of work to eliminate iodine (2005-2010)", the relevant departments and institutions in our city at all levels of local disease prevention leadership team, in accordance with the unified Ministry of health, provincial endemic disease leading group arrangements, strengthen comprehensive prevention and control the main measures to USI efforts to implement, combined with the region, the Department, the prevention and control planning, clear objectives, the implementation of work responsibilities, have done a lot of in-depth and meticulous work, has made the elimination of iodine deficiency disorders in the initial results. Following the 2005 to achieve the basic aim of eliminating iodine deficiency disease, I further increasing iodine deficiency disease comprehensive prevention and control efforts, focusing on the prevention and control work is relatively weak and poor areas of implementation of the free delivery of iodized salt and health education measures, greatly enhance the overall prevention and control effect.

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