Xining city health system to take the lead in smoking prevention work and achieved remarkable result

recently, the Xining city health system took the lead in carrying out a comprehensive ban on smoking, and achieved remarkable results.

is a WHO conscientiously fulfill the "Framework Convention" and "exposure to tobacco smoke and tobacco control standards", the Xining Municipal Health Bureau established a smoke-free work leading group headed by the director general and Technical Steering Group, developed a smoking ban implementation plan, put forward specific requirements for each stage of the work. In order to further improve the health system leadership at all levels of understanding of importance of quitting work at the beginning of this year, and held a mobilization meeting anti smoking health system, put forward specific requirements to carry out smoking cessation in health systems, health care workers take the lead in smoking cessation and read the proposal. In order to make smoking cessation work to achieve practical results, quit smoking group office of the organization of technical guidance team of the city’s medical and health institutions to quit smoking work carried out 3 times of supervision and inspection, and the existence of problems were informed.

recently, by the Provincial Health Education Institute, Xining City, Xining City Patriotic Sanitation Health education professionals assessment team by listening to the reports, access to information, view the scene and other methods of three counties in the four district of Xining city and municipal health administrative units and public health institutions were the first batch of 37 units of the standard requirements the examination and approval, compliance rate of 100%.


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