South meteorological Lane community volunteers help one another a good helper in the community

  the West District of West Main Street South Street office weather Lane community residents Tang Yumei, director Yuan Chendi took the community over the "volunteer agreement", carefully looked at the contents of the agreement, signed his name.

South meteorological Lane community area has 7 bankruptcy companies, many of the old families in the hospital management vacuum, in addition to launching the old party members, we let a lot of young people also joined in the establishment of volunteer team. One to help the elderly living alone." Yuan Chen said, Tang Yumei is the first sign of volunteers, and she is helping the area of the elderly living alone, Yi Lianghan. The elderly infirm, and childless, usually community workers often take the initiative to come to visit the old man.

Yuan Chen said, in addition to organize volunteers to assist one area, a group of old party members has become a community good helper, community in the old family member courtyard set up party branches, choose the floor length and unit length, solve the practical difficulties of residents.


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