Why set the lake today as a day off



Lake race schedule is longer, tough race. After the nine stage of the riding after today, the cyclists ushered in the day of rest. In the rest of the day, players will usher in the 100 km criterium of tianshui. The so-called day off is just a pause in the game, for some drivers, he may be busier than race day. So why do you have a rest day on the way? What will the bike team do on the day off?

according to the provisions of the International Cycling Federation, bicycle race, more than ten days of the game will have a day off. This day, not only to let the driver’s mind and body to be adjusted, but also for the drivers of the baby – bicycle, and the maintenance of the school, in order to better complete the next race.

reason one: mental and physical recovery

today, this is the only one in the lake race day, all the athletes will be in Tianshui for a short break and adjust. Compared with the athletes from the plateau down soon, the environment here is obviously different, because the temperature is relatively high, the relative humidity is relatively large. So such a day off for athletes to get psychological and physical recovery is particularly important. At the same time, from the Qinghai plateau to the Loess Plateau, elevation, climate, etc. there will be significantly different, the drivers also need to seize the time to adjust to adapt.

reason two: adjust the maintenance of bicycle device

after a rest day before the nine stage of the baptism of the braking system and transmission system, transmission system, each tank will need to adjust. Technicians carefully oil the chain, and then wipe away the excess chain oil, to prevent excessive dust in the course of the game to ensure the smooth operation of the transmission device. Technicians also according to the weather and road conditions, for the tire into different pressure of the air, to ensure the safe and high-speed operation of the chariot. In addition to the departure of the riders riding the chariot, spare wheel and wheel preparation work is essential to the work of technicians.

rest day, in addition to the staff can enjoy a little rest, the drivers have to continue training, let the mind and body to keep the game; also for the technicians bicycle comprehensive "examination" and "treatment".

driver: cycling training

day off is not really a relaxing day for drivers. They had to get up early in the morning, eat a little bit and then ride on their car again and never stop. The rest of the day, drivers have to train. These exercises are very important, it can keep the body at work, if the driver to relax for a whole day, that is, do not ride, second days they will find it difficult to complete a full day of competition. In such a difficult race, once you turn off your body, it is difficult to start again.

Technician: full overhaul racing


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