June 1st sky dress up

blue Qinghai Lake, yellow rape flowers, the mu Art beats nature. kanbula…… The beauty of Qinghai is more and more favored by tourists from all over the world. In order to expand the tourism resources, the Saline Lake landscape into our province, third business cards, in June 1st, the Saline Lake will be filled with tea cards this year, the first batch of tourists.

in recent years, with the continuous heat of self driving tour, Qinghai tourism blowout type development, while the tea card Saline Lake in 2015 tourist season average daily visitors have reached more than 10 thousand passengers. The rapid development of the tourism industry has brought considerable economic benefits at the same time to the enterprise, also exposed the shortcomings in the scenic area management and service and facilities, prompting complaints of many tourists, has a great influence on the tea card of Saline Lake scenic area.

in order to make the "mirror in the sky" let it become worthy of the name of our province, our province ace area, according to the "13th Five-Year" tourism development ideas and the sixth tourism development conference, Western Mining Group jointly Haixi Prefecture Government, Wulan county government, jointly established by the end of this year reached 4A scenic standards, "" at the end of 13th Five-Year reached 5A grade scenic spot standard target. And the enclosed area of construction from October last year to May 31st this year, the new building area, the area in accordance with the "one axis, two zone, three square" layout of the building shape, scenic accommodation, parking and other facilities are being perfected, the tourist season this year is expected to average daily loading capacity of up to 27 thousand passengers tourists.

"one axis", that is, Saline Lake Avenue, connecting the management area and the core area of the important channel. "Two areas", that is, management services and core scenic spots. The newly built parking lot covers an area of 93 thousand square meters, set up 2062 car parking spaces; a new visitor center, the ticket window number to 20, a new container tourism market; renovation of Green Salt Hotel, Saline Lake Hotel and hostel accommodation for tourists, to meet the individual needs and.

According to the Saline Lake

tea card scenic responsible person, the closed development is to further improve the tourism facilities, integration of the existing tourism projects and new projects, enhance the comprehensive tourism service area function, and ultimately enhance the scenic image and visibility, make it become the province well-known tourist destination.


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