Datong County to promote social ethics to promote social civilization

in the township to vigorously promote social morality, promote social civilization, recently, to the township in accordance with the county committee of civilization (2012) No. 8 "notice" on the public etiquette knowledge special education and eleventh Citizen Moral Awareness Month activities in the county spirit, formulated and issued the "notice to carry out extensive public etiquette knowledge of special education and moral activities in the township" xuan. Held a meeting of two rural cadres, arranged for this event.

  activities, public etiquette knowledge and moral propaganda in the village, in the propaganda meeting so civilized, law-abiding, love the socialist motherland, love the Communist Party, conscientiously fulfill the obligations of citizenship, respect, solidarity, abide by social morality, advocating science and opposing superstition, continue to strengthen the citizen morality itself. The Datong County public etiquette knowledge special education reference reprint and delivered to the village Party branch. The use of blackboard newspaper, banners, Party members, mass meetings and other forms of publicity and learning, thereby creating a strong atmosphere of civic moral education.

  through the promotion of learning, it is agreed that from the control of their hands, do not litter, litter, littering; manage their mouth, no swearing, foul language, not spitting; manage their feet, not destroyed trees and flowers, do not trample on the lawn around the small drop point start, keep away from uncivilized behavior, "patriotic law-abiding, courtesy and honesty; unity and friendly, diligent and dedicated as a citizen’s moral accomplishment, carry forward the spirit of innovation, pragmatic, Datong unity", build a civilized town, share the happiness of life, more words of courtesy, add a human wisp of spring breeze, to jointly promote the citizen morality and civilization "Datong" to create the work forward.  


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