Cut off the black tail next year Xining special vehicle emissions

from January next year, Xining city traffic police detachment of the Public Security Bureau and the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will jointly carry out special management of motor vehicle exhaust emissions, with a year to prevent the vehicle "black tail" phenomenon, so as to strengthen the control of vehicle exhaust pollution, the air quality of Xining City excellent rate reached more than 85%.

December 28th, reporters from the Xining municipal comprehensive remediation of air pollution leading group office was informed that the Xining City motor vehicles increase, the vehicle emission has been increased, and become one of the main factors influencing the urban ambient air quality, voice of the people to control vehicle exhaust emissions exceed the standard is also more and more strong. Xining motor vehicle emissions management approach will be formally implemented in January 1st next year, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, the environmental protection department will increase the detection and punishment of motor vehicle exhaust. In order to ensure the new vehicle achieve high quality, good condition, less pollution, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment vehicle management has been carried out on the new vehicle exhaust inspection system strictly, substandard vehicles by the environmental protection departments to supervise the rectification. In the motor vehicle inspection, no access to the environmental protection department issued a motor vehicle exhaust emissions of motor vehicle certificate, vehicle inspection marks without endorsement.

Xining City, the traffic police will cooperate with the environmental protection department, take point detection and flow detection combination of vehicle timing sampling on the detection of substandard vehicles, by the environmental protection inspectors ordered the owner rectification. At the same time, the traffic police brigade will be carried out in the street vehicle inspection, severely punished for substandard vehicle exhaust emissions exceed the standard, prohibited vehicles on the road, and not made by the environmental protection department issued a certificate of motor vehicle exhaust emissions, emissions deadline ordered the owner handle certificate.


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