On behalf of members asked the Spring Festival Service prevention articles

During the Spring Festival, the public or stay at home or go out to visit friends, travel, a rare holiday to catch up with the Spring Festival, many people feel that time is not enough. However, when you are planning the Spring Festival holiday plan, have you ever thought of, if you encounter such difficulties in the holidays or how to do? How to ensure that you have a long and peaceful holiday? You are worried about these issues of life, it is also on behalf of members of concern, the reporter special connection of the city public security, fire department, to find the answers to these questions.

[q] on behalf of members:

[] line of Public Security DepartmentFind out some of the

the so-called "grab the door", is a kind of means for the implementation of the bus in the bus to pick the door. Usually completed by two or three persons. A person standing in front of the steak, pretending to get on the car to find coins for change, so that those who have been waiting for a long time to lose patience, so as to divert their attention. The other one was on the PA after pickpocketing.

two row "lining: be careful to remind"

men love wallet in a suit or jacket pocket, think it is safer, but not necessarily. Through the method of drawing the pickpocket pickpocketing lining is "spotted" this kind of man. They are tools to cut through the blade, suit hem inside the crinoline, cut a hole in the pocket "pickpocketing.

Four: a car is reminded to find the target

if you waiting at the bus station, found that there are people who look around, but when a lot of the arrival of the car after total car, don’t you, perhaps, they are looking for pickpocketing object. These are accustomed to pickpockets at the station around, pick lock "target" through observation, and then follow the "target" on the train, according to circumstances of pickpocketing.

[q] on behalf of members:

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