800 thousand pots of flowers will bloom in the streets

with the smell of spring spread, delicate and charming flowers will also debut. In April 16th, city greening management district staff are cleaning up the four corners of the world on the four Avenue near the main street of the pits, "will become an ocean of flowers." A staff member said.

to create quality urban beautification and greening, Central District, April 20th to 51, Chengzhong district will put about 800000 pots of flower pots placed in the four corners of the world street, Nanguan street and central square main streets and scenic spots, beautiful summer.

According to the

city district greening management office responsible person, in addition to the main street, north of the central square, cultural square, Simon, North Gate Tower in green junction will also put 4 large potted three-dimensional scenic spots. These flowers will be open until mid October in green management office under the protection of city area. In addition to placing potted plants, Chengzhong district will also be on the main streets and attractions of the green stage gradual transformation, invested 9 million 490 thousand yuan to complete the grand new town green, Lilac Garden Greenbelt, Nanshan Road streetscape renovation completed; riverside road, Evergreen Park, Riverside Park, green city ruins park, garden green rings etc. infrastructure construction. (author: Sheng Nan Zhang Yongzhi)

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