Observe the party’s political discipline

In August 27th, the Xining Municipal Center Group held three strict three special education "Yanyilvji second seminar". Party secretary Wang Xiao presided over the meeting and said in his speech, Xi General Secretary repeatedly from "abide by the party’s political discipline and political rules" point of view, highlighted on the Party cadres to make this requirement is strict with oneself, beyond the traditional literati "level, it has broken the habit of self-discipline is grasping style thinking, to get to the root of the role, is the return of Marx’s party building and Party building theories. City leaders Yao Lin, Wang Haihong, Wang Kailin, Zhang Dongqiang, Wang Yanming, Tong Dexiang were around the adherence to the party’s political discipline and political rules, and consciously make political "understand", combined with their own learning, ideas and practical work, as a key speech.

thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward the adherence to the party’s political discipline and political rules of the "five Musts" requirements, shouldering the responsibility of discipline rules, and consciously make sensible political people".

to strengthen political discipline and adherence to the rules of political consciousness. Focus on building and strengthening five kinds of consciousness. Firmly establish political consciousness, at any time, in any case must be in the ideological, political, action;

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