Wang Yubo unannounced visits to build the most stringent health requirements

deadline for rectification a week, if there is a problem, the person responsible for accountability, dismissed from office." July 27th is Saturday, mayor Wang Yubo pomp, in our city unannounced visits to Wei Jian, and issued the most stringent requirements to all regions and departments: architectural work has reached a critical moment, to build the patriotic trial, is a combat assessment of various regions and departments, is also on the level of leadership at all levels of the organization a focused review. We must have the determination of iron: all the work done to build a strong guard, the implementation is not in place, resolutely serious accountability, and resolutely do the suspension, the dismissal dismissed.

even on rainy day to cause the ground area of the muddy roads, some roads are almost flooded by the rain, a shabby Aqua stands on the ground, large and small domestic garbage is still everywhere…… "Such a harsh environment, people’s lives how to talk about livable?" From the park to the south to build a new park, Wang Yubo all the way, all the way to see, all the way to ask. Unannounced visits in the process, from time to time to see the streets, community workers and residents in the clean-up of garbage. Wang Yubo said: "no matter is the city construction and management, and environmental health, to fully mobilize the masses, truly everyone’s love, everyone, we built the city tube, you worry about." Wang Yubo pointed out that the current city building and sanitary work there are still many problems, in the face of the grim situation, the municipal government has held a special meeting, repeated inspection and supervision, clearly requires strict accountability system, who did not reach the establishment of work requirements, and resolutely the blame. However, there are still a few leading cadres have a psychological fear of Jian Wei, do not want to do, dare not go; and tough action, leading cadres to build health work and some measures required to procrastinate, the top hat, check check again after the assault to cope with, restore the original sample.

Wang Yubo stressed that the national examination is to promote the work of the means, the purpose is to create a good living environment for the people. Construction work to do the work of the people’s needs, do people’s recognition of the matter, the slightest bit of sloppy, absolutely can not be taken lightly. First, strict discipline, all the work of the construction of poor health, implementation is not in place, will be strictly accountable, dismissed or suspended. Two to fully mobilize the masses, cultivate the good habits of the people, the Xining is my home, built on the health of everyone, the sense of penetration into every citizen’s thinking, action. Three be strict penalties, strict implementation of incentive and accountability system, who is responsible, who work for the problems who ensure the city clean and tidy, make people satisfied. Four to do a good job in the weak links, various regions and departments for some key problems, to attack, not only pay attention to the process of doing, but also to pursue the results of the dry, to ensure that the work does not leave gaps and gaps. (reporter Sheng Nan)


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