Provincial Commission for Discipline nspection issued a notice strict 51 discipline requirements du

51, Dragon Boat Festival approaching, in order to further strict discipline, consolidate and deepen the rectification four winds work, and resolutely prevent unwholesome tendencies during the festival rebound, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to the province at all levels of discipline inspection and supervision organs issued a notice, reiterated on discipline requirements.


notification requirements, prohibited illegal public funds or independent arrangements with official banquets and other activities; not by the Spring Festival by using public funds to purchase, payment, gift shopping cards; not illegal payment of allowances, subsidies, bonuses, real. Prohibited public funds to travel or instructed subordinate units and management services to the scenic spots, such as playing farmhouse, etc.; shall not accept the subordinate units and management services for dinner. Prohibited illegal in association, alumni, comrades, can not access private clubs, not illegal to make arrangements for weddings and took the opportunity to collect money. Prohibit the use of the bus or borrow subordinate units, the management of the object of service vehicles outing outing, visiting friends and other activities.


notification requirements, each unit Party (party) to fulfill the main responsibility, strengthen the responsibility to act, the clean government and anti-corruption work during the festival as a political task, timely "four prohibited" discipline requirements to every cadres and workers, and seriously look for signs of problems and the existing tendency in the style of construction, very Ji before, early greeting, a timely reminder, Zhuazao catch small, nip in the bud, and effectively check erroneous ideas at the outset.

at the same time, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels to fulfill their duties of supervision and discipline of accountability, strengthen supervision and inspection efforts during the festival, on the "four winds" new trends of performance, smooth supervision and reporting channels, and carefully handle the masses, for discipline violations of discipline to quickly check severely punished, discovered, investigated and dealt with. The typical problems to inform the designated name exposure.

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