Qinghai railway to allow overseas media said odd

"The world’s first section of the railway without a rail, China’s first section of ballastless track, the highest elevation of the world’s high-speed rail tunnel…… Qinghai has created a miracle of railway construction." A person in charge of the New Zealand Chinese media said. The evening of June 13th, you do not know the Qinghai Railway Cultural Salon held in Xining, 22 overseas Chinese media from the person in charge of Qinghai railway culture.

, skeleton network in China is still in the stage of the Western Railway Construction, according to the "long-term railway network planning" (2008), China in 2020, in the western region as the focus, the new group to improve the road network layout and western development of the new line, the formation of high railway backbone, is expected in 2020 the western region, the railway mileage will reach 50 thousand kilometers or more.  

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