Two truck fire hundreds of people overnight rescue

3 at 20:51 on August 18, Huangyuan County traffic police brigade received an alarm call for help, the brigade area occurred two car collision accident, the accident vehicle loading cargo on fire, request rescue disposal. Then, Huangyuan County Traffic Police Brigade police, police officers and more than 40 highways staff, fire officers and soldiers and local medical personnel arrived at the scene to carry out rescue operations. Eventually, after 9 hours of fighting, the fire was extinguished, the backlog of vehicles were evacuated. However, two trucks loaded with goods were burned, one of the passengers on board a staff member was also killed in the accident.

accident occurred on the sun and the moon for help

"Huangyuan County traffic police brigade? The sun and the moon mountain accident, two carts on fire, fierce fire, the backlog of many vehicles, please the police rescue." The time of receiving the alarm is displayed at 20:51 on March 18th. Alarm police immediately report to the group leader. After receiving the alarm, Huangyuan County traffic police brigade immediately arrange the squadron, squadron, squadron, Shanghai accident squadron of police, police rushed to the scene disposal to carry tools.

at the same time, taking into account the fire scene at the scene of the accident, the brigade also contact the fire department and medical rescue department rushed to the scene. Reporters learned that the accident site 25 kilometers from the county seat of Huangyuan.

flames hundreds of cars parked on the road

in a very short period of time, Huangyuan County Traffic Police Brigade responsible person and four squadrons of more than 40 police, police officers came to the scene of the accident. Police found that the scene of the accident there were two local Shandong and Jiangsu, respectively, a large truck fire, Shandong membership truck pulled on a car plastic, Jiangsu is a truck pulled on a cotton. The fire went up and the fire was very big.

"we can still hear the sound of the tires and the tank burst, and the situation is very urgent." Huangyuan County Traffic Police Brigade official told reporters that they immediately arrange for the police to point out the scene to persuade the masses away from the crowd, vehicles and the direction of the direction of the sun and the moon to Huangyuan direction of the vehicle interception. Within half an hour all the onlookers were evacuated from the fire near the hundreds of vehicles also ease the safety zone.

departments work together to rescue 9 hours

looked at the car full of goods burning, the owner is very sad. Looking helpless owners and dangerous fire scene, Huangyuan police brigade in addition to maintaining traffic police, the rest of the police and fire officers and men together into the fire fighting work. Reporters learned that, because the traffic police team is only a small fire extinguisher, the police can only be close to the vehicle fire.

at the same time, high-speed traffic police detachment system and high-speed traffic police detachment three brigade police found the accident from the Internet, immediately report to the brigade leader, and began to cooperate with Huangyuan local departments to deal with the accident in the periphery, to publish the accident information, persuasion vehicles.

at this point, by the police, fire, road, medical and other departments composed of hundreds of rescue teams into the work of all.


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