How to build a good entrepreneurial team

is not suitable for all entrepreneurs, but people can do their best to tap their marketing potential, to see if they are suitable for the road to entrepreneurship. If you want to impress your investors, what should your team do? This is something that every entrepreneur has to know.

this team combination is indeed more likely to get investment? What is the best team in VC’s eyes? How to improve the team? Innovation workshop investment manager Sun Zhichao gave his views on these issues.

now because of hot money, but professional investors did not increase. What do non professional investors do? Look at seniority. As above, you can think of Baidu’s big data, Tencent Zhang Xiaolong, Ali’s double 11, which is very convincing. Like the current investors, heard a experts recommend a good stock, immediately think of is a dark horse, immediately thought of trading board, immediately thought of full warehouse, immediately thought made fortunes. Human nature is so.

is the so-called greater expectations, the greater the disappointment. March 2011, Color launched the first version, UI mess, many users complain about how to use it, and even until the same year in June has maintained a two star rating. Bill  Nguyen made a very serious mistake, he let   Col>

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