How to join the Chinese fast food to miss the stew Jiangnan

method in food China cooking foods appear all sorts of strange things, so in front of consumers is also full of tricks. In China’s food culture, only you can not think as if no Chinese people can not do. Fried, fried, stewed, fried, boiled, stewed everything complete. Jiangnan is the emergence of new brands in the fast food market in recent years, in order to create a "Chinese fast food" as the core concept. In the country’s overall decline in the overall situation of the food and beverage industry, the south of the Yangtze River in order to improve the nutritional health of good quality to win the favor of many consumers, the company’s performance is increasing.

"stew" original flavor, adhere to the quality of


"stew" with water as the medium, the seasoned materials slowly penetrate ingredients, while maintaining the authentic food, and dissolved into the seasoning flavor, while fat and organic compounds containing oxygen sufficient leaching, make food not only delicious and easy to digest, but also more conducive to absorption and nutrition preservation; in contrast, fried, fried, grilled food is crisp and tender, but for the destruction of nutrients, and excessive oil temperature may not conducive to human health material.

stew Jiangnan from inception, has been committed to "stew stew, taste delicious, tender and soft, very beautiful, authentic, has been very popular in Chinese people.

stew south of the Yangtze River, the selection of the 3 major north-south Cuisine: flour, noodles, rice. The noodle elasticity, aftertaste still exist, the Steamed Rice plump and rich flavor; quality with Chinese traditional staple food cooking techniques stew boil soup containing a main dish, served with fresh vegetables, not only retains the original flavor of the ingredients, and will not damage the food nutrients. Adhere to the quality of benevolence, fast food brand China wind unique achievement.

pass the warm "smell", feel the taste of mother

stew Jiangnan pursuit of warm close to partners, to customer satisfaction and enthusiasm to create internal treatment, so as to achieve the future external harmony, the people China regression type should be "". With a feeling of thin fire slow stew, stew childhood memories, eat the taste of her mother.

in the sign store design, with the same purpose "Jiangnan stew". Sign design from paper Beige calligraphy seal Chinese red dot collocation, integrated drama elements, applied to the VI system, the interpretation of Chinese cultural treasures. Storefront design using modern industrial style, original housing structure combination of Chinese pine and gray color, then red, China calligraphy collocation Xuan paper and other elements, the formation of their personality style environment. Every place put the tree, each with no intention to add green, can make people have the feeling of being in nature, people close to the original, return to the original.

stew Jiangnan has been in order to sincerely cook, and strive to build the

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