Li Hong joined the details of string


in the understanding of Li’s strong support to join Chuanchuan Xiang, many investors want to join, but suffer from online franchise information limited, he could not very well understand this string of incense brand, to help you solve this problem, Xiaobian for everyone I listed some Li Chuanchuan Xiang join information. We want to help.

Li Chuanchuan Xiang joining conditions:

1. has an independent civil liability behavior of the enterprise organization or individual citizens of China

2. identity of LEE KEE Chuanchuan Xiang brand culture, recognized and accepted LEE KEE Chuanchuan Xiang business philosophy and management mode of

3. has a good personal character and sense of responsibility to take care of any little thing in the shop

4. has a strong desire for success, love food and beverage industry

5. has a certain financial strength and good business credit and social relations

6. has a good investment mentality and consciousness, can actively cooperate with company management, willing to participate in the training

7. can maintain the brand image, unified decoration style, the use of the company will be equipped with material

Li Chuanchuan Xiang joining process:

1. Li Kee Food Company accept mic qualification

2. and Tubao LEE KEE catering company for face-to-face communication, understanding Tubao LEE KEE food related products, corporate culture and brand details;

3. the two parties jointly agreed, signed a franchise agreement, the establishment of MIC Li catering to join the cooperative relationship;

4. LEE KEE food products and training Tubao operation mode;

5. to determine the program and the decoration of the store and the operation place, equipped with the operation of goods;

6. Tubao LEE KEE catering company collaboration to develop business promotion plan and advertising plan, ready to start


7. officially opened operations, Tubao LEE KEE catering company to provide tracking guidance.

Li Chuanchuan Xiang joining fee:

to the partners to charge a certain fee, including: cooperation fee (including planning and site selection fees, brand use fees, technical support fees, etc.), equity management fees, margin (no expiration of the contract)

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