Three tips for placing goods in shopping malls

in fact, many entrepreneurs in the shop when they are ignoring the placement of the product, resulting in the whole shop to create a consumer environment is not very good, to bring a certain impact on profitability! For example, the store shelves display cabinets, how to arrange for consumers to bring good shopping environment?

straight line store layout:

linear shopping mall shelf layout, is generally used in the general layout of the store layout, this way is the shelf and the channel was rectangular layout. Is a kind of rules and regulations, the customer can easily find goods through this shelf, but the layout of the store shelves tend to produce a kind of cold feeling, the user is free to browse restrictions.

slash type store shelves layout:

Shelf layout

slash type shelf and a rhombus block channel layout. This shelf layout, the mall looks not so satisfactory, there have been many angry, when coupled with the consumer shopping here can easily browse to most of the goods in the mall, consumers seem to flow freely. But the shelf layout of slash type more waste, can not make full use of the shopping area of the store, store shelves layout line than the same amount of goods, but the store put a lot less.

curve mall shelf layout:

curve shopping mall layout more waste site area, the customer is not easy to find goods, generally applicable to a number of small shopping malls. Curve type with irregular set channel can be arbitrarily arranged location. This shelf layout, the mall can create a lively atmosphere, the customer can browse around freely, can take any route to any local shopping malls, greatly increasing the customer’s random shopping opportunities.

look at these three ways after the introduction of the screen you also believe that some of the skills, whether it is commercial super goods show, or join the goods goods, have to pay attention to, there are ways. In order to give consumers a fresh feeling, to enhance profitability, to create a good shopping environment!

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