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In the process of starting a business, the cost is a very important part. How to reduce your cost and how to minimize the cost, so that you can get the maximum profit with the minimum cost? 5 small coup Xiaobian for you to reduce costs!

the right size. If the size of the first production line is too large, the more the start-up capital is needed. Don’t think the market demand should be to seize the opportunity to make a difference. Use the existing funds on hand to see how much of these funds are suitable for production scale. Kors · Johnson said: "the industry to conduct research, and then determine their own market segments."

for technical tools cheap. There are so many low-cost and free software solutions, all you have to do is find out. For example, Carbonite provides data backup services only $4 per month. "10 years ago, online marketing tools were very rare and very expensive," White said. "These tools are getting better and cheaper."

The funds will be used in the

elements can generate revenue. The key to a small budget business is to use limited resources wisely. The use of funds in the key employees, which greatly helped Michael Coolidge (· Michael  Kriz). At the age of 41, he founded the Aikelailuo company (AcclaroInc.), in order to provide translation services in overseas operations or to expand overseas companies. With the translation service industry Coolidge founded the company in 2002, using his extensive contacts, those who can only hire personnel to create a direct income. Coolidge said: "we used a shortage of funds to start, so that when we meet can pay for a service to customers, we have to hire for this service. We don’t hire people. All business is such: first customer commitment will buy a service, then hire people to implement."

The use of

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